Uhuru set to unveil his vision for Kenya in his second term

by David Karani

President Uhuru Kenyatta is today scheduled to make his annual State of the Nation address to Parliament.

This will be Uhuru’s first address to Parliament since his re-election in two rounds of elections last year.

According to the Constitution, the president is required to address a joint sitting of the Senate and the National Assembly at least once a year and has used the event in the past to make momentous announcements.

In his speech last year ahead of the elections in August, Uhuru used the speech to outline the achievements of his first term.

With the elections behind him and the resulting dispute over the elections defused by the agreement with Raila Odinga, now known as the handshake, the President could use this year’s speech to elaborate on his plans for his last term.

While he has listed his priorities as universal health coverage, food security, increased manufacturing and housing, he is yet to state exactly how his Big Four, as they have come to be known, will be achieved.

President Kenyatta is also yet to elaborate on the practical steps to be taken after his agreement with Mr Odinga.

The duo named Paul Mwangi and Martin Kimani as the heads of the team to lead the process and a 14-member team has already been named.

This could also be his opportunity to state his stand on the controversial matter of amending the constituion which is being pushed by a section of legislators especially those allied to Raila’s party, the Orange Democratic Movement.


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