Uber in discounted rides for SGR travelers

by Evelyne Ogutu

New Uber users wishing to use the Standard Gauge Railway will now enjoy discounted rates to and from SGR stations in Nairobi and Mombasa courtesy of Uber.

All that the first time Uber users will need to do to get the discount is to enter the promo code SGR2018 in their Uber app to get up to Ksh 375 off their first ride to to and from the SGR station in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Uber is expected to have dedicated and branded pick up and drop off points at the SGR terminus in Nairobi and Mombasa ensuring a seamless pick up and drop off experience for both Uber riders and driver-partners.

The discounted rides will encourage passengers to get to and from the train stations safely, easily and affordably thus  effectively bridging the first and last mile gap that is often a challenge to most users.

According to Uber’s General Manager Loic Amado public transit is the mobility backbone of cities around the world. “High capacity transit moves more people more efficiently than any shared vehicle model can. At Uber we believe our application can be used to complement existing public transit, making it more accessible and efficient for people to use”, Amado said.

Talking about the initiative, the Kenya Railways Managing Director Atanus Maina his organization had put adequate measures in place to address the challenges faced by SGR users.

“We have put in various measures so far to address the last mile challenges experienced by our passengers. These include use of the commute train in Nairobi, and provision of public and private transport at both termini. This arrangement with Uber goes further to enhance the customer journey, reduce connection time and thereby improve the whole travel experience.”

Uber’s GM said the move was exciting for both organizations.

“We are excited about this initiative as we have already observed thousands of trips being taken to and from both the SGR stations as well as other Kenya Railways commuter stations. In particular, the Syokimau terminus is one of the busiest pick up / drop off points for riders using the Uber app”, Amado added.

This move follows similar initiatives by Uber in other parts of the world where the company has enrolled the last mile initiatives. The most recent being a partnership with Virgin Trains in the UK that enables passengers to easily request a ride to the station and on arrival at their destination. Other initiatives include a partnership with the DART in (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) and the  PATH  in New Jersey.

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