Security Tightened for Christmas Revelers

More armed security agents have been deployed to Lamu and Mombasa Counties to beef up patrol in region that boasts of being the tourism hub in the wake of approaching festive season.

Residents and security agents have been urged to be on high alert especially on the routes previously used by the Al Shabaab militants and other places the Somali insurgents might attempt to launch attacks.

Although this is being treated as a precautionary measure against the Al Shabaab militants who prey on innocents during the festive season, security agents are not taking any chance according to police boss Joseph Boinett.

Tourists and Kenyans from other parts of the country are attracted to the culturally rich Lamu which only a week ago held the world famous Lamu Cultural festival that attracted thousands of visitors.

Villages like Bodhai, Mararani, Basuba, Mangai and Kiangwi which are along the Lamu-Kiunga road have seen a surge in the number of security officers dispatched.

Security agents have been deployed to remote areas with bad roads and rough terrain especially in Boni Forest which are susceptible to terrorist attacks.

The Arwe community of hunter and gatherers community have expressed their enthusiasm and confidence in the operation which has been both effective and successful.

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