Safaricom services off air as fibre is cut

by GW Reporter

Kenya’s largest mobile telephony company, Safaricom was for the better part of Sunday cut from internet and voice connectivity.

The outage which started shortly after 10am threw subscribers into darkness only for the telco firm to release a statement after five hours regretting the inconvenience and explaining the glitch was as a result of fiber link cuts.

In the three paragraph notice to its customers, Safaricom said: “We wish to apologise to our customers and partners that are currently experiencing voice and data outage, caused by multiple fiber link cuts affecting critical transmission equipment”.

They added that voice and SMS services were lost in the Coast and Lower Eastern regions and a general data unavailability across the network. The services have been restored so far, the firm said.

The firm however did not offer an explanation on the cause of the fiber cut. Such cuts do occur in circumstances that are not necessarily criminal including adverse weather conditions.


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