MP Keter charged with conspiracy to defraud CBK

By David Karani

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter and two others have denied conspiracy to defraud Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) of Sh633 million by presenting forged Treasury Bills.

The legislator, businessmen Madat Saburali Chatur and Johnstone Arthur Sakwa allegedly committed the offence on Friday last week at the CBK headquarters.

The T-Bills were allegedly issued and signed by Maina Warui, the Registrar National Debit Office at CBK.

The three further face five counts of making false documents without lawful authority and purporting them to be genuine.

The three denied forging two letterheads from the bank’s regulator for Treasury Bills worth Sh286 million.

They also denied a charge of uttering a false document to Kennedy Kaunda, Director of Legal Services at CBK.

The prosecution had opposed the release of Chatur on bail for presenting an ID that belongs to someone else.

 Nairobi chief magistrate Francis Andayi had been urged to find that he is a flight risk and should only be freed after his identity is established.

Andayi has however declined the application and released each of them on cash bail of Sh2 million.


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