KEBS destroys expired rice and sub-standard tyres

by Correspondent

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) today destroyed substandard goods valued at more than sh 15 million.

The Cabinet Secretary for Industrialization, Trade and Cooperatives, Adan Mohammed led the multi-agency team in the destruction of the 10 containers of substandard goods. The goods were incinerated at Bamburi Cement plant.

The 10 containers with rice, second-hand tyres and spaghetti are part of 163 containers with goods valued at sh. 250 million which have been earmarked for destruction in the coming weeks.

The rice was condemned for having expired at the time of importation while the spaghetti did not meet the requirements of the applicable Kenya standard specification upon Laboratory analysis. the second-hand tyres were condemned on account of their status as used tyres are prohibited in Kenya.

The goods that had been concealed were detected after the containers were subjected to scanning and 100 percent verification. The goods are liable to seizure, forfeiture and destruction as per the Standards Act CAP 496 and the East African Community Custom Management Act.

Speaking during the destruction exercise, the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Industrialization Adan Mohamed, said that KEBS and KRA are working with other government agencies based at the port of Mombasa and other entry points to ensure substandard goods are not imported to Kenya.

He reiterated “We are committed to ensure the success of the big four and for this to happen we must eliminate illicit goods from our markets. We are facing the challenge head on, and these illicit goods which could be counterfeits, substandard or contraband must be destroyed.”

Adan added the government will install an incinerator in the near future within the port to expedite destruction of such goods.

The KEBS Managing Director, Charles Ongwae warned traders who have been misusing the standards’ body marks of quality that the law was catching up with them.

“We have been subjecting all goods to 100 percent verification that were not cleared at the country of origin and this is a warning to unscrupulous traders who have been misusing KEBS marks of quality that their days are numbered,” said Ongwae.

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