Covid-19 cases spike as opposition leader Raila Odinga is hospitalized

by GW Reporter

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has warned against rising Covid-19 infections as Kenya experiences the third wave of infections.

On Wednesday, 713 people tested positive for the coronavirus, making it the highest number of confirmed cases since December 2020.

The warning came 24 hours after opposition leader and ODM party leader Raila Odinga checked into Nairobi hospital and was detained for further checks.

His doctor, neurosurgeon David Oluoch-OLunya, said Odinga was in good spirits and will address Kenyans soon.

In a medical report on Wednesday, Oluoch said that Raila walked in for routine medical tests on March 9 at the Nairobi Hospital after feeling fatigued.

“He has had a rigorous campaign and needed to have some check ups. This was carried out successfully,” Oluoch-OLunya said.

Oluoch-OLunya said Raila is still undergoing some further investigations with a team of doctors and has been advised to take a rest.

“We are continuing to monitor his condition and no doubt he will be able to address the country in due course,” he added.

According to CS Kagwe, the latest statistics at 14 per cent, are a significant jump from Tuesday’s11.8 per cent.

Some 563 patients are admitted in hospitals, 89 of whom are currently in ICU, the highest number witnessed in the last two months.

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