Lifestyle change needed to save mothers.

08 Apr 2016 | by Gazette Weekly Reporter
Lifestyle change needed to save mothers.

As the world celebrates the World Health Day, it is emerging now that something needs to be done and done fast to arrest the situation especially in pregnant mothers.

WHO today sounded the alarm on diabetes and  called on government’s concerted efforts on dealing with disease which is on the rise. 

In Kenya a concern has already been raised over increased diabetes cases among pregnant women which also increases the chances of babies born with the disease as well as exposing the fetuses to death.

According to Dr Carol Odula who is a gynaecologist based in Nairobi, women need to exercise a lot during pregnancy and maintain a healthy diet before and during pregnancy. I am seeing a lot of diabetic women in the first or second trimester. Between January and now I have seen three women develop diabetes, it is alarming” she said.

Odula says she has never seen this since she started practicing more than a decade ago. “ Women should not give in to unhealthy cravings in the name of pregnancy, because they highly contribute to the new increase in diabetes which threatens the lives of mothers and unborn children” she said.

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