KQ: At least 20 engineers quit national carrier for Qatar Airlines

22 Mar 2016 | by
KQ: At least 20 engineers quit national carrier for Qatar Airlines

Hardly two weeks after selling off its prime landing slot at London’s Heathrow airport, twenty senior aeronautical engineers have decamped Kenya Airways to Qatar Airlines.

The three of the twenty engineers left without serving notice and instead paid off  the national carrier. The rest are said to be serving their notice before moving to their new employer who is buying their loans and mortgages.

It is reported that Qatar Airlines management was impressed by the quality of engineers at KQ when one of their aircraft developed as mechanical problem and had to be fixed by the Kenyan engineers who did it in record two hours instead of 24 hours.

The repaired aircraft is said to have been taken for review to Qatar but was found well serviced and remained in operation for seven months without any problem.

So impressed were the Qataris that the approached the KQ engineers who hold more than three specializations and tripled their salaries.

Sources at the airline have also revealed that the Head of Cabin crew has also been approached along with some of the crew who are likely to decamp.  

 The cah strapped KQ sold Heathrow airport prime landing slot for an estimated Sh7.5 billion in a move aviation experts say could significantly affect the airline’s performance.

Aviation expert says it was foolhardy for the airline to sell the slot because in case of a mechanical [problem, they will have to pay millions of shillings in parking fees especially if repairs require spare parts.

The KQ slot will now be used by Oman Air who has also agreed to a wet leasing deal for two of KQ's Boeing 787-s.

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