25 Jan 2016 | by By Clifton Ongadi

“Children who play life discern its true law and relations more dearly than men who fail to live it worthy, but who think that they are wiser by experience, that is by failure”.

Anonymous. Whoever thought of this quote possibly had the Luhya council of elders in mind. Under the guise of Mulembe Investment Forum, the elders’ led by Hon Patrick Wangamati with Hon Burudi Nabwera among its members prophes to have the wisdom and influence to give political direction; to endorse a Presidential candidate for the community in the 2017 General election. Theirs’ is an errand to make a choice from the community’s three hopefuls, Hon Musalia Mudavadi of ANC, Hon Moses Wetangula of Ford Kenya and Hon Cyrus Jirongo of UDP, usurping the democratic, participataory role of the Citizenry in choosing their leaders.
The Luhya which is the second largest community has about 5.3 million people, being about 16% of Kenya's total population of 38.5 million. The elders council which however has no tangible achievement for the community revitalizes its network every electioneering year, to serve the interests of its foreign masters. Hon Wangamati who doubles as the Chair of the council owes his Parliamentary nomination courtesy of Hon Raila Odinga, the CORD coalition Principal. By and large, the latter remains the ultimate CORD Presidential candidate in 2017 election, with many guessing and equally wondering Hon Wetangula’s equation in the matrix. As CORD’s Co- Principal and Minority leader in the Senate, Hon Wetangula’s chances of getting the Coalition’s mantle are null, while even to majority residents, Hon Jirongo’s ambition is an illusion, having been considered a traitor and broker who uses the community for egocentric needs.
The elders’ incessant agitation for a single Presidential candidate from the community leaves more than is desired. One cannot rule out Hon Raila Odinga’s hand in the Luhya councils of elders’activities and that on having Hon Wetangula as its bet; the latter is only after spoiling chances for ANC party leader Hon Musalia Mudavadi. This on the other hand will give the community false hopes in having Hon Wetangula as the preferred Presidential candidate who in the really sense will be holding a brief for Hon Raila. How can a council whose composition has all the inclination towards Hon Railas political thought come up with a balanced, fair and sober approach to issues?.
The debacle that culminated in Hon Mudavadi’s exit from ODM party in 2012 is still fresh in the minds of the residents and Kenyans at large. For Hon Raila, the ODM Party leader is a man, to whom internal party democracy is foreign, hence introduced changes in ODM party constitution, qualifying him, the Party leader as the only person to run on the party’s ticket, frustrating the ambitions of Hon Mudavadi.The Former Prime Minister is well-known to scuttle any competitive process of choosing a flag bearer preferring boardroom anointing to universal suffrage, where goons are hired to cause mayhem. Even few months to the 2013 elections, the elders made countless trips to Hon Mudavadi’s Mululu home with a well choreographed script for him to drop his Presidential bid in Support of Hon Raila. All this happened despite allegations that they had earlier been spotted salivating for vehicles at one of the Auto bazaars in town after paying a visit to the former Prime Minister at his Shell/BP house. It was a time when there were calls from Hon Wetangula and Senator Khalwale to ditch ODM and contest for the Presidency, an outfit the two later came to embrace.
It is no secret that Hon Raila Odinga, the CORD leader is a worried man. The formation of ANC coupled with Hon Mudavadi’s national appeal is giving the CORD leader sleepless nights, with Hon Raila’s fortunes plummeting in a region considered his for the taking. Hon Mudavadi’s Party is no doubt the new kid on the block, sending the opposition leader into panic and the eventual aborted ODM grassroot elections and Public rallies in the Sugar–belt region. Left with no option, Hon Raila’s spin-doctors are at it again, with their tired tricks, raiding the Western region with Propaganda tailored to pose Hon Mudavadi and his ANC Party as a Jubilee Project out to spoil Raila’s votes. One wonders since when the Western region or any other in the country became a colony and personal property of the former Prime Minister. 
The Luhya council of elders bid is hence not a coincidence but a script well-authored to manipulate the right of the community in voting for their own. It is an attempt to coerce and hold them at ransom with a rider that the region cannot produce a Presidential candidate but support others and wait for the purpoted ” Lake Prophecy”. It remains a shame for Hon Nabwera and team in their sunset years to go the biblical Esau way, auctioning the community’s birthright every electioneering year for their narrow monetary gains. The community should therefore take every boardroom initiative geered towards a single Presidential candidate with contempt and refute any efforts to strip them of their right of electing their leader through a democratic process.

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