REVEALLED: How a plot to assassinate Saitoti son over multi billion family estate was scuttled

23 Apr 2015 | by GW Investigations
REVEALLED: How a plot to assassinate Saitoti son over multi billion family estate    was scuttled

Details have emerged how a son of a former Vice-President and Minister for Internal Security had to be scrambled out of the country at short notice to save his life.

The Gazette Weekly has established that a plot had been hatched to have the young Zachary Saitoti bumped off in a succession and inheritance saga surroundinghis father’s multi-billion estate.

According to GW investigations, sometime on the night of December 24th 2013, a year and half after the tragic death of his father Prof Saitoti in a helicopter crash, Zachary was with friends at a house party in Karen when his security rushed in and whisked him away.

He was not to be seen in the country for over three months until the threat to his life was identified and dealt with. It later emerged that a senior police officer based on Kiambu road had hired hitmen to track and eliminate Zachary before New Year and 24th December 2013 had been picked as the day to execute the plan. 

When the plan leaked, Saitoti’s family hurriedly scrambled tickets for Zachary and a chaperone. They were put  him on a plane to a neighboring country where he was to stay for the whole period of the holidays.

The hit-men waited in vain for Zachary to exit the house party and called off their mission when he did not show up as expected. While in the neighboring country, Zachary stayed with a well connected family friend who kept watch until it was deemed necessary for him to return. 

After the botched up plan, and quiet investigation initiated by senior officials in the Office of the President was conducted to unearth who were behind the it.

The threat affected the happy go- lucky way of living Zachary was so used to and has forced him read just especially concerning his movements. 

This, however, is not a surety that those who had planned to kill him have stopped their plans. 

The hatching of the plan is believed to have began much earlier, specifically in December 2012, almost six months after the late Internal Security minister perished in the plane crash in Ngong’s Kibiko forest. 

It was around the time the family lawyer, Fred Ngatia opened and read the sealed will to the late minister’s whole family at his Lavington home. 

The plot was hatched over several meetings in restaurants at a popular shopping mall along Ngong road, and in a restaurant within Karen and all this was done in complicity with a senior police officer at a pricey and popular up-market restaurant along Ngong road. 

Hit-men were identified and picked for the job. Other meetings were held around the city before the plot was finalized. The code name for the mission was 50 per cent. Reports indicate that the senior police officer who was promised a gratifying reward co-ordinated the plan and anyone who would have been suspected quietly left the city or sought flawless alibi in case questions were asked about their whereabouts. The monitoring of Zachary’s movements was knowingly done by some members of the police service under instructions of a senior police officer.

However, someone close to him or the family must have tipped off the It is believed that the family is not aware of some property that had been jointly acquired between them and the late minister’s business associates.

According to the will, the late minister’s wife, Margaret, received fifty per cent of the property while the other fifty per cent was left to the son. On the first anniversary of the late minister’s death, his widow Margaret organized a memorial service that was attended by the family, President Uhuru Kenyatta, senior government officials and Saitoti’s business partners.

Like the late Saitoti, his widow and son still keep a low profile. Saitoti and his assistant Joshua Orwa Ojode died in a helicopter crash around Ngong area in an early morning crash that is yet to be resolved. The two were headed for a fundraiser in Ojode’s Ndhiwa constituency when the Sunday morning crash happened. Several theories have been floated for the crash with some blaming it on a pilot error while others believe it was sabotaged by people who wanted to eliminate the minister.

Saitoti, a man of means, was set to run for presidency and was being courted by all the political groupings in the country including the one allied to then prime minister Raila Odinga and another one oscillating between Uhuru Kenyatta and other Rift Valley kingpins.

The former vice-president was a paranoid man who ensured that he carefully picked restaurants to eat and places he visited. This was after his poisoning in 1990 following the killing of foreign minister Dr Robert Ouko. It was thus strange that despite his careful movement, he was to die in a crash.

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