SLOW DEATH: Fast Foods and no exercise slowly killing the digital generation

22 Apr 2015 | by
SLOW DEATH: Fast Foods and no exercise slowly killing the digital generation

Did you know that young people in Kenya are at a higher risk of having diseases like cancer, hypertension, mental health issues and respiratory conditions because of the lifestyles that they have been subjected to?

When was the last time that your child actually did a sport as opposed to playing games on the phone and watching TV?

A new report released today states that establishing healthy behaviors among young people could help stem a looming regional epidemic of non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic respiratory conditions, according to the Population Reference Bureau.

Based on current trends , the World Health Organisation (WHO) projects that non-communicable diseases (NCDS0 will become the leading cause of death in sub-saharan Africa by 2030, surpassing AIDS and other conditions that predominate today. In Kenya, NCDs already account for 27% of deaths.

Most young people are no longer involved in physical activities and are eating more fast foods which leads to the current challenge of  the current rise of non communicable diseases. According to Dr. Jennifer Kibaru, half of the population in Kenya suffers hypertension, cardiovascular disease and chronic  respiratory diseases.

While this is alarming the report states that 70 per cent of premature deaths in adults are due to behaviours established in adolescence. Dr. Kurtida Acharya of the University of Nairobi stated at the launch that  Kenya does not have  enough equipment for dialysis , cancer screening and others that are critical in dealing with NCDs.

She said that it is easier to teach young people on NCD’s than the older generation. What this means is that there needs to be a shift in how our young people are socializing and what they are eating.

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