KNH: Merali Gives Sh100m For Surgery Centre

17 Dec 2015 | by
KNH: Merali Gives Sh100m For Surgery Centre

Industrialist Naushad Merali has called for a cut in government bureaucracy if the private sector is to make a bigger contribution to the socio-economic and welfare development in the country.

Merali at the same time called on the private sector to play a bigger role by supporting the president and government in the fight against corruption in the country is sustainable development is to be achieved in the country.

“I want to echo what President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Jamhuri Day. It is now emerging that the private sector has a bigger role to play in the economic and general development of this great nation. We have a role to play in the fight against corruption if this country will achieve the Vision 2030 as projected by retired president Mwai Kibaki,” said Merali.

He called for speedy action by government in completing projects that affect the citizenry, regretting the slow pace that projects are complete.

He spoke as his foundation donated Sh100 million for the construction of Zarina Merali Surgical care Centre at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

At the same time, Merali called on the private sector to increase their support to government institutions through participation in social and welfare activities in sectors that affect majority of the population.

“I call on the government to cut the bureaucracy and the hindrances that would allow for greater Public Private Partnership by the private sector in supporting government efforts to improve the welfare of the citizens of this country.

“We do our business in the country, we make the money that we have through business in this country and it is our duty to support the government and this can only be down when the private sector is encouraged,” said Merali.

The chairman of Sameer Group of Companies regretted a fact that his company offered to support a government project to build a hospital structure in Nakuru and kept their part of the bargain only for the remaining part of he building to remain as we left it.

“During the Sachangwan fire disaster in 2008, we promised to help in the construction of a unit at the Rift Valley General Hospital. We did our part and the government was to complete the remaining half of the building. As we speak, the rest of the structure lies unfinished,” said Merali.

Merali said that the project, which was mooted in 2008 after the Sachangwan disaster, took long to bring to fruition following a protracted bureaucratic tug that was a result of the slow pace in decision-making on the part of the government.

“After the disaster in Nakuru in 2008, my wife Zarina and I visited various hospitals in the country and we decided to construct a burns unit but later, the idea changed to building a Care Centre.

“Through our Zarina and Naushad Foundation, we offered to put in US1 million towards the building. It has taken such a long time for the matter to be actualized and if we had a quicker decision-making process, the construction could have been finished by now,” said Merali.

Red Cross Society Abbas Gullet who was in the Sachangwan fire committee alongside Merali, said that there needs to be more support from the general public.

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