Garissa University attack Aftermath: Government IDs Al Shabaab Returnees on the run.

21 Apr 2015 | by Kelly Simiyu
Garissa University attack Aftermath: Government IDs Al Shabaab   Returnees on the run.

With less than five days before the expiry of amnesty given to radicalized youth in the country to surrender, security agencies have narrowed down on Al Shabaab fighters returning to the country, The Gazette Weekly can now reveal.

The Gazette Weekly has established that a large number of youth  who joined Al Shabaab years ago are reported to be sneaking back into the country through the porous Kenya/ Somalia border along with some of their  foreign counterparts.

The fall of Al Shabaab strongholds of  Anole, Abdalla Birole and Kudaa Island , which are close to Kismayu and the Kenya/ Somalia border to KDF troops in AMISOM has spelt doom to the fighters and constricted their operation areas.

These towns were also crucial in raising funds for the group and their loss meant that finances were hard to come by. Equally pushing out the youth was the murder of their leader Ahmed Abdi Godane by a US strike two months ago. The al-shabaab group seems to have lost direction and momentum with Godane's death. 

Consequently more and more foreigner fighters especially those from Kenya and neighboring countries are fleeing Somalia and returning home.

It is these extremists’ returnees that are suspected to be behind the insecurity in the country especially the coast region, Nairobi and North Eastern. 

After the Garrisa University Attack that killed 147 students, the government issued a ten-day amnesty for Al Shabaan returnees to enter into a de-radicalisation programme.

The country has been on edge with hundreds of General Service Unit personnel deployed to offer security country.

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