Rural Electrification Gets Sh6 Billion boost

15 Dec 2015 | by David Karani
Rural Electrification Gets Sh6 Billion boost

Kenya Power (KP) will receive a Sh 6 billion loan from the French fund AFD to finance the expansion of the country's electricity network.

This is a boost to the ongoing Rural Electrification programme.

KP projects to add 814,000 more customers to its network in addition to the current 4.1 million by 2017 in line with the company’s and country’s distribution master-plan for 2012-2030.

The power company has won the confidence of international financiers with the loan not being guaranteed by the government making it among the few parastatals that are able to secure huge loans without government help.

The loan will expand the distribution network in three major economic kingpins; Mombasa, Kisumu and Nairobi and will serve to reduce the number of power outages in the cities that house most vital industries of the East Africa State.

KPLC and AFD are expected to launch another KSH 3.6 billion project to improve the mini-grids by boosting the wind and solar generation capacity.

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