The absurdities that are in Kenya and nowhere else

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The absurdities that are in Kenya and nowhere else

My country is full of absurdities. Let’s start with the newest appointment of the Deputy Inspector General............

My country is full of absurdities. Let’s start with the newest appointment of the Deputy Inspector General. The constitution says that we should have gender balance in our appointments yet we quickly say that there is no woman who meets the qualifications of being a deputy IG. We have ‘fired’ the only lady who was in the highest ranks in the police department. We are like a country that sends our male athletes to run in the Olympics in the female category and when they are disqualified we cry foul and are eternally surprised.

Now pray tell, what are these qualifications that women in Kenya cannot meet?! Here we go :A person is qualified for appointment as Deputy Inspector-General if the person— (a) is a Kenyan citizen; (b) holds a degree from a university recognized in Kenya or equivalent qualifications; (c) has had a distinguished career in their respective fields; (d) meets the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution; (e) has served the Police Service for at least fifteen years and has knowledge and experience in matters relating to any of the following disciplines— (i) criminal justice; (ii) policy development and implementation; finance and public administration; (iv) strategic management; (v) security; (vi) law; (vii) sociology; or (viii) Government; (f) is a serving police officer of or above the rank of superintendent of Police. What the government saying is that none of our ladies in the force have the above qualifications and if they do they have never risen to the ranks of superintendant of police. How sad if this is true and one wonders why? Who promotes?

My friend  Patricia Nyaundi said “ I am updating my CV. If we can bend rules to appoint a male I'll be testing if these rules can be bent to accommodate women...if the system can over look sex of position holder and legal requirement as per the National Police Act I expect they can overlook the 'small' issue of experience.” Kenya needs to wake up, a rule has been bent to put a man in a seat that is meant for a woman yet we have many qualified women in this country  and yet we just want to overlook this and you wonder why we are still lagging behind.

The other absurd thing is the fact that cancer machines stopped working at the Kenyatta national hospital and I haven’t heard any hue and cry from the government or so called leaders of this land. When you watch your loved one staring at the death because the only machine that she booked months in advance has broken done , you can only despair. We declare national disasters on other issues but have failed to look at the lack of proper and adequate facilities for treatment of cancer.

As a country this is what calls for the government to look for public private partnerships. Why not ask Agakhan, Mp Shah or Nairobi hospital to take on patients until the machine is fixed or permanently get into a partnership so that Kenyatta National Hospital can be sending patients when its overwhelmed? The basic things we signed up for when we won independence from the colonialists was that we will fight illiteracy and disease. As a government basic rights for Kenyans include education and health, yet patients are dying waiting for a machine for radiotherapy. This is the same country where a team can leave Nairobi and travel with all perks to go and deliver a report to the president who is in Mombasa. Wasn’t it much cheaper to wait for the President to come back and give him the Makueni County report at State House? Did they drive or fly? I am sure they flew and  had per diem too. We are such a wasteful nation.

Why can’t our leaders follow what the Guatemalan president did. The man resigned after he was accused of  corruption. Now in this world this one would be called a saint. None of our leaders ever commit a crime, infact they are always as white as snow. Last week I gave the President a suggestion that he should consider giving an executive order that all civil servants should travel economy and he will see the savings his government will make to be able to have a state of the art cancer treatment facility.

Speaking of facilities one other absurdity is the fact that for years we have had a policy that focuses on out of school adolescents reproductive health but turning a blind eye to sex education. It is in the same period that we have seen a rise in abortions among young people because we forgot that sex education is critical in this information age. We were more focused on giving sanitary towels which is good but turned a blind eye on other more critical issues. How I pray that this nation will rise up from its absurdities and for once do the right thing.


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