A praying Nation is a strong nation

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A praying Nation is a strong nation

Leading a family, church and or a nation without prayer is like walking majestically in the dark without a flashlight.............

Leading a family, church and or a nation without prayer is like walking majestically in the dark without a flashlight. To step into the next level of prosperous growth, it is imperative to create a culture and a habit of prayer. Mathew 7:7 is a great invitation to all who believe in God intervening in their lives. Until we ask we cant receive, if we cant knock we cant have an open door and if there isn’t a seeking there wont be a finding. A country that depends on God is on the right platform in terms of progress. A family that has an alter does not go wrong in the ways of God. An individual that has a disciplined prayer life taps into God’s freshness on a daily basis. Frank Damazio spells out 7 power points of prayer which I believe are beneficial in our study in this season.

 Hosea 10:12
Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the LORD, till He comes and rains righteousness on you.”

1.       The Preparation of Prayer – “Break up”
Prayer begins with a heart and mind that have been softened and planted with the word of God. “Breaking up” the soil of our hearts refers to a personal commitment to confession and repentance.

2.       The Hindrances of Prayer – “Fallow Ground”

The condition of our hearts determines our growth, our fruitfulness, and our destinies in God. Even as there are different conditions of physical soil, so there are different heart conditions that must be discerned in order to bring forth great fruitfulness in the spiritual realm.

3.       The Urgency of Prayer – “For it is time”
We live in the glorious “now” of God. The whole of time is God’s arena to work on behalf of and through His faithful ones. He desires that His people be mighty in prayer, experienced in getting answers to prayer, and undisturbed by the most complex or long-standing needs.

4.       The Focus of Prayer – “To seek the Lord”
It is time to seek the Lord. Seeking prayer is an earnest, continual perseverance birthed from a deep hunger and drive. Seeking prayer is prayer that is Holy Spirit initiated and, through intercession, finds God’s will and God’s answers.

5.       The Persistence of Prayer – “Till”
Many prayers are granted by God, but given up by the ones praying because they stopped praying before the answer came. Without the dynamic of persistence, much prayer remains unanswered.

6.        The Dynamic Presence of Christ in Prayer – “He comes”
Power in prayer comes from the empowering of the Holy Spirit within us. As we use that power in prayer, He continues to empower us for prayer and breathe His Spirit in us.

7.        The Abundant Answers to Prayer – “Rains righteousness on you”
The rain of God is symbolic of God’s favor, blessings, strength, and prosperity. It is prayer that both releases the rain of God and allows us to receive the rain of God.

Kenya has to step up in terms of prayer and the prayer that avails much. We cannot stop seeking God even in this time of victory. We must as guards remain vigilant. Vigilant for our family, church and nation. The choice to guard our own on our knees depends on our passion towards our country. May all the patriotic Kenyans never leave the closet on behalf of Kenya. May the sleeping prayer giants arise for Kenya needs a praying people to succeed in this present world. May those who have abandoned their time of prayer because of discouragement kick out the spirit of heaviness and assembly to pray for Kenya again. For Kenya needs a people who pray and pray felt prayers. Will you enroll? Will you pray? Will you intensify to seek God on Kenya’s behalf? Kenyans, let us go back to the closet and PUSH(P-Pray U-Until  S-Something H-Happens) God’s agenda for Kenya on our knees for A PRAYING NATION IS A STRONG NATION.


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