Lessons on entering the real estate business, the nature green way

31 Aug 2015 | by
Lessons on entering the real estate business, the nature green way

I am reminded of a day just like today, though five years ago when we at Nature Green Holdings Ltd broke ground for our first project.............

I am reminded of a day just like today, though five years ago when we at Nature Green Holdings Ltd broke ground for our first project. It was such an exciting venture yet overwhelming because it was totally new to me. I only had book knowledge of what happens in the construction and real estate world and that made me pretty nervous. My business partner on the other hand was very well versed with the happenings within this industry being that he is an accomplished architect who had worked on several major projects. With all his accomplishments however, he too was not sure what the future held for us because running a real estate business is very different from running a consultancy. We decided to take the first step and risked losing everything.

We soon put pen to paper and signed a contract with one of the major contractors in town and our first project was on. Little did we know that there were many lessons awaiting us. Through the first phase, we learnt the importance of completing a project within the set timelines. We also learnt how to put up a team that works, the kind of contractor never to engage and what the financiers really want besides the interest they charge you. I also learnt that the kind of friends you keep determine how high you rise and only as you start rising do you realize that not everyone around you is keen on giving you wings. These were very valuable lessons indeed although some were very costly. In the end, persistence paid off. If we had given up after the first phase, we would have drowned in debt.

Why am I talking us all the way back? We are soon breaking ground for our third phase of project. We pride ourselves in not just building houses. We build quality homes. We have been able to continue with the great finishes and as we learn, the quality can only get better. We have also been able to maintain our networks with our earlier clients, who have been instrumental in selling the projects that we have done to their extended networks. They have not only sold the houses on our behalf but also built trust to the extent that we have been able to sell 85% of the units before ground breaking. Now that is something that we are proud of as a team. I have been asked severally about the future of Nature Green Holdings Ltd and to that my answer has always been,” the sky is the limit”. As we grow we have seen lives changed though our interaction with students seeking attachments as well as those that we have directly employed. We are grateful to the Almighty for giving us a platform to change lives as we go about our daily business. We are not stopping anytime soon.

We realize that the demand for decent affordable houses is at an all time high and with each student graduating from either campus or tertiary institution is a need for an extra house. The economy is also growing faster than we envisaged thus prompting the need for commercial establishments outside the CBD. Devolution has made it possible for business to be carried out in the various counties and that has opened up the market. With that expansion, Kitengela town, which was once considered a sleepy and dusty town, has turned to be a hotbed of vibrancy and opportunity thanks to the county government in conjunction with Kitengela Business Forum (KBF) which Nature Green Holdings Ltd is party to.  With every passing day, Kitengela gets new families moving in from the populated Nairobi city. This has informed our decision as Nature Green Holdings to set up office in Kitengela.

We have also created various products that are customized to individual needs. Our products range from the conventional 3 bedroom maisonette to 4 bedroom all ensuite maisonette, to high end bungalows at reasonable prices. By God’s grace, we have also been able to create a different product for those individuals who have land that they want to build on but don’t have the time or the expertise to run the project. We realized that construction is a time consuming affair that more often than not, proves to be a headache for those in formal employment. We therefore created a team that takes on the project on behalf of the client.  This team comprises of the Quantity surveyor, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical engineer, Architect as well as the foot soldiers that are needed to run around. This great team handles the client’s project all the way from design and county approvals to handing over a completed house ready for occupation. With this team, the client is assured of getting the product they have always wanted at an affordable cost and with no hustle. Also coming soon is an insurance product for the home owners not only because this is a requirement for those taking up mortgages but also because a home is such a great investment that should not be left uninsured. Besides building homes, we are also looking at putting up social amenities that our clients will enjoy within kitengela. We need malls and parks, office buildings and modern markets and so I can comfortably say that the skyline of Kitengela town is about to change.

What drives Nature Green Holdings? Passion and Purpose. Our passion is to create unique products for the ever changing market. We have a generation that seeks to be different. To keep up with them, we too have to be different. Our purpose is to build homes that are decent but affordable. As a team, we don’t sell houses, we sell value.

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