Marende, Jirongo are turncoats, Says Mudavadi spokesman

02 Jun 2015 | by Kibisu Kabatesi
Marende, Jirongo are  turncoats, Says Mudavadi spokesman

On this auspicious Madaraka Day, Amani leader Musalia Mudavadi wishes Kenyans a solemn day of reflection on the future of our country.

It is however, diabolical for Luhya leaders to trade conscience and become political mercenaries in a vain attempt to tame the ascendancy of Musalia Mudavadi. These turncoat recruits in a treacherous game of checkmating their own have begun in earnest under Cyrus Jirongo, Kenneth Marende and George Khaniri. 


Parties are vehicles for political expression and governance. They should never be created for the express purpose of undermining the right of any Kenyan to aspire for office. The fact that they have recalibrated UDF into UDP for the sole purpose of opposing Mudavadi says a lot about the machinations afoot to derail Mudavadi and Amani National Congress (ANC). Kenyans now know on whose behalf and who the foot soldiers were in fighting Mudavadi in UDF.


For Jirongo, dirty and decrepit history has lessons for Kenyans. We know where he’s coming from and he’s going. For him politics is a commercial venture. The so-called UDP is just the vehicle like many he has jumped on before. Under what circumstances did take flight from Kadu and Federal Party? We ask him to tell Kenyans what consideration he has received and been tasked to form UDP. If he fails we have the public duty to tell it to Kenyans.


Poverty can drive seemingly sane persons into madness! Jirongo is intently driven by the need to make money wherever way. He’s permanently wedded to the political psychosis of politics means money.


To cast aspersions against ANC is ridiculous. The unknown UDP is no less a project than a reincarnated copycat UDF project. No less than Jirongo sidekick Marende was sufficiently honest to confess the origin and sponsors of UDP;


“If we unite, already Jubilee leaders are willing to support us”, he said. The intent of the trio is to appear more Jubilee than Jubilee itself.


Jirongo claim to the origin of the party as Luhya is fictitious to the extreme. In his own words “"In politics, there are no permanent enemies. Whether we will partner with President Uhuru or his deputy William Ruto or Kalonzo Musyoka, it does not matter”


The question is; when did yesterday’s progenies of ODM leader Raila Odinga find salvation to become ardent Jubilee legmen? How fickle and deceptive can such leaders get?


Jirongo deceit would have us believe that if he nicknamed UDF as Uhuru Defence Force in the last elections, he has the copyright to reformat UDF into UDP and fashion it as Uhuru Defence People as a gimmick for financial gain.


For Marende, he must choose between being a public officer as chairman of KPLC or being a briefcase carrier for Jirongo’s divisive politics. He should not easily forget those who guaranteed him the job. He should be careful not to be taught bad manners in the management of KPLC resources by the company he keeps.


For Khaniri, he should discard his foolery games and go for the presidency if he is able instead of conning people from one political platform to another. It is time Khaniri knew that he’s not guaranteed a second term unless he retraces steps back to Mudavadi fold. He knows he’s never won an election without hanging on the cocktails of Mudavadi.

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