19 May 2015 | by Polly Gitau

A house committee chair on Education who is also Murang'a county women Representative Hon Sabina Wanjiru Chege has called on teachers to cease from exercising corporal punishments on students. Sabina Chege said that the current constitution do not consent teachers to physically punish students both from primary and secondary schools.

Speaking on Sunday when she intervened in a case where a form one student at Gatanga Girls Secondary school was physically assaulted by a teacher, Chege called on the Teachers Service Commission officers in Murang’a to follow the case as well as crack down in other schools to address the issue.
“We know that some teachers discipline students physically inflicting injuries on them for minor mistakes and therefore TSC must look up at the cases and intervene to end them and also through the set procedures reprimand the responsible teachers,” the Murang’a women MP said.
Josephine Wachera, 15, was beaten up by a teacher on Friday for failing to tackle two questions in an assignment given.  Wachera said that the teacher assaulted her inflicting injuries on her neck and cheeks.
“She even tried to strangle me but I managed to escape. I wasn’t allowed to call my parents because I wanted them to take me to a hospital as I was breeding from the injuries,” she said.
Her father, Evans Muiruri, said that he noticed that her daughter had been assaulted on Saturday when he attended a fundraiser at the school. He said that he went to the school’s board who were present but was forced out.
“I went to the school just to attend the fundraiser and I knew nothing of my daughter’s assault. On seeing her I thought that she had fought another student but she said that a teacher beat her up for failing to complete an assignment.  I sought for permission t o take her to hospital and then take her back to the school but the school’s board declined,” Muiruri said adding that he reported the matter at Kirwara police station.
On Sunday morning Muiruri and his Wife Anne Njeri were locked outside the school when they sought to pick their daughter and take her to hospital. The school guards said that visitors were no allowed into the school during weekends. Intervention from the MP and journalists made the school administration allow girl’s parents to take her.
However the school’s Principal Mrs. Kuria said that she received the case on Saturday and that she was acting on it. She also alleged that the girl’s father tried to attack the teacher who assaulted the girl and hence the reason why he was forced out of the school.
“We are investigating the matter and if the teacher will be found on the wrong then measures will be taken by her employer the TSC as per the procedures to handle such cases,” says principal.
When reached via a phone, the county director of education Mary Gaturu, said she was learning it from the media adding that her sub-county officer had not informed her and said to investigate the matter.
 The MP however said that the girl should not be victimized upon her return from hospital.
“We’ve agreed with the Principal that the girl will be allowed back to school and that there will be no victimization because of the case,” Mrs. Chege said.

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