French city bans wearing of full body swimsuit, burkinis

14 Aug 2016 | by
French city bans wearing of full body swimsuit, burkinis

Full body swimsuit Burkinis have been banned from the beach in the French seaside town of Cannes.

The mayor of the glamorous resort slapped an order prohibiting the Islamic swim wear citing security concerns and branded the clothing "the uniform of extremist Islamism".

The ban comes into force weeks after 85 people were killed and dozens more injured when a lorry deliberately drove into crowds of people in neighbouring Nice .

Cannes Mayor David Lisnard said beachwear that did not respect "good morals and secularism" would not be allowed.

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He added swimming costumes "manifesting religious affiliation in an ostentatious way, while France and its religious sites are currently the target of terrorist attacks, could create risks of trouble to public order".

But in response, a French human rights group has said it would oppose the ban in court, reports Al Jazeera .

Marwan Muhammad, the executive director of the Collective Against Islamophobia in France, posted a message on the group's Facebook page.

He wrote: "Ten women have asked us to sue the town of Cannes.

"We are currently conducting interlocutory action against Cannes."

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The burkini ban will remain in place until August 31, according to officials.

Anyone breaching the order could face a £32 fine.

The order was also slammed by anti-racism group SOS Racisme, which described the campaign as a "strategy of tension".

France remains in a state of emergency following multiple terror attacks, including the lorry massacre in Nice, the murder of a priest in Normandy and the Paris atrocity last year.

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