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A water supply and environmental sanitation organization, Maji na Ufanisi is calling on the relevant authorities to monitor the drilling of boreholes and wells across the coastal city of Mombasa.READ MORE

 Hamisa Zaja Programmes Officer for Maji na Ufanisi said because of perennial water
shortages residents across the county have resorted to ‘drawing underground fresh water for
domestic and commercial use without approvals’.
Speaking at the Bangladesh urban informal settlement during a ceremony to mark this year’s
World Water Day, Zaja said if left unchecked the trend will ‘lead to the lowering of the water
table and increase salination due to sea water intrusion into the fresh one’.
She added ‘We cannot sit and watch as our underground reservoirs dry because of the
haphazard drilling of boreholes and sinking of wells without following regulations which is
dangerous and spell environmental doom’. “The impact of the practice on the water table is
enormous and stakeholders must do something as water is an important resource that can be
used to enhance food security and improve livelihoods” she said during the Water Day event at
the Bangladesh slums where the water NGO recently commissioned two water and sanitations
facilities. M. Zaja underscored that Maji na Ufanisi will work with the county authorities and
other stakeholders in establishing sustainable solutions that will alleviate and mitigate the dire
water and sanitation situation affecting many residents in Mombasa and outlaying areas.
Mombasa lacks fresh water sources and largely depends on the supply of clean drinking water
from Kilifi, Kwale and Taita-Taveta coastal counties.

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